Hopefully, you checked out Radio Texas Live this week with Buddy Logan. Granger Smith made an appearance on the show to talk about his first music video getting a million hits on YouTube and his latest hit single, 'We Do It In A Field'!

"Texas Red Dirt artist Granger Smith has his sights set on Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Songs with his self-released single "We Do It in a Field. The track, which sold 5,000 downloads during the SoundScan tracking week, is the lead single from Smith's ninth studio album due early next year."

That's right! Good 'ole Texas boy, Granger Smith, is performing personal bests on the sales charts and being talked about at the National level at Billboard's website! This is news, though, that doesn't surprise his fans. We all know that up in the spot light is where this artist belongs!

Pretty soon, Granger Smith with be a household name and will travel with Red Dirt fans everywhere they go and be shared with all who will listen about Texas Country. So many fans are excited about this new release that on YouTube they are saying things like:

"Love this song, got it on repeat" -Courtney Burnett

"We do it in a field rocking all night till the sun comes up!!!!!!!! Yee Yee" -jeff Litton
"I have seriously considered moving from North Carolina to Texas just so that I would have more of a chance to see Granger at a live performance :) LOVE YOU GRANGER!!! " -GabbyUnit
So check out what all the gossip is about and help Granger get another video under his belt with a million hits!