Today our good buddy Granger Smith kicked off another 100 mile walk. This is his second time to tackle the grueling 100 miles in the name of the Boot Campaign. Governor Rick Perry and Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell joined Granger today as he kicked off his 2nd Annual 100 Mile Walk. Granger is walking, hiking, marching, and dancing his way from South Austin to Fort Hood in combat boots to show gratitude to our troops, spread awareness of their needs and raise support funds to directly help the troops through the Boot Campaign. Granger is quoted as saying "The main goal of the walk is my mission. It's a call to action to the public to thank a soldier for their service and sacrifice. It's to stir up awareness through the community that we're still a country at war. No matter our political opinion, our men and women are volunteering to protect our daily lives with their own," The walk ends at Fort Hood on April 19th at the Phantom Warrior Center with an acoustic performance by Granger.
To learn more about the Boot Campaign and how to donate click here