Granger and Earl Dibbles Jr. broke YouTube view's 1 and even 2 million marks with 'Country Boy Song. Now that Granger's got a new album coming out, he's also got a new "friend". Find out who inside!

Meet Donny Cowboy. He says there's a new Compact Disc coming out from Granger called "Dirt Road Driveway" and you're gonna like it. But what I like almost better than that, is the way this guy runs! It reminds me of the way the little kids run on the movie 'Little Rascals'! ha ha


Seriously, though. It's time to get excited about this new album! 'Dirt Road Driveway' comes out on April 16th so it's not too far away before we get even more great Texas Country Music to sink our teeth into!

Still curious about Donny Cowboy? Don't take our word for it- meet him yourself!