Granger has really set himself down and dug in for this new studio album! The much anticipated album will be his 9th and his most ambitious project yet!


Blake cannot wait for it to hit stores. Be looking for it on April 16th, but even better than just new music, Granger's new album is going to be backed with more support which means it'll reach out even further across the nation!

Granger is one of the leading Texas Country artists and, as a personal fan, I am so glad he will have this opportunity to grow his fan base and welcome even more fans to the family of Texas Country!

Via Sunfire Entertainment:

Recorded and self-produced in his home studio with his own band in Austin, TX, Dirt Road Driveway features twelve richly constructed tracks filled with the gritty passion and lyrical craftsmanship that fans have come to expect from Granger. On Dirt Road Driveway, Granger brings a rare sense of integrity and breaks down the proverbial walls between the Texas/Red Dirt music scene and the mainstream.

Here's a toast to Granger and all of the awesome things he's doing for charity and Texas Country!!! Keep it goin'!