The game of golf can be rewarding, it can be stressful. But not only do you need to know how to putt and swing the club, there is the mental aspect of the game as well. Like one of golfing greats Ben Crenshaw said ..."I'm about five inches from being a outstanding golfer. That;s the distance my left ear is from my right".


I love the game. Although it can be frustrating when you don't hit the ball right or you don't make that putt. But it can be rewarding when you keep working at it, just enjoy the game, and make that shot you've working on, draining that 10ft putt or keeping your drives straight down the fairway.

The cool thing is that if you mess up on one hole, you still have 17 more chances to make good.

I like walking the course because I feel I get into the game better that way. While walking up to my ball, I have time to think of the next shot and what club I'll use. Plus walking is good exercise.

One more thing. Golfers always trying to change their swing. Hey, look at Bubba Watson who won the Masters. His is not the perfect swing, but it works for him. If your swing works for you keep it. Oh yeah, have fun.