Okay. Granger, you rock! Not only does this guy Walk HUNDREDS of miles and raise THOUSANDS of dollars with his Boot Walk, he's doing something with his newest album that I have never seen another artist do before!

Granger's 9th studio album 'Dirt Road Driveway' is hitting stores on April 16th! (just got a special copy early in the mail HA HA!!!! Super excited about it!!!!) Anywho!

Granger is doing something with this new album that I have never seen any artist do before!

Follow him on YouTube and you'll see what I mean! (or just scroll and click below-Blake is getting you caught up!) He is sitting down and taking you behind the scenes of every

single song on the album!

This is really cool to hear the stuff behind the music that we never would have known otherwise. It's a great way to really give his fans an inside track on the songs and why they're apart of this new album! It's a great idea!

So check it out! Track by Track below!!!!