Toby Keith calls 'Hope on the Rocks' his favorite song he's written in his career. The singer, who wrote the songs, takes a moment to stop and talk about the characters in the music video for the song and about why he likes it so much.

Toby Keith has been holding this ace for a while! He talks about making the decision to hold this song back and waiting to release it so that it wouldn't miss it's chance amongst all the other songs to be released.

"I didn't want 'Hope on the Rocks' to miss, so we put it on this album, and I made sure it got its shot."

He makes a point that there are those people in this world that you think you know or see everyday, until one day something changes and they're gone. 'Hope on the Rocks' is about those people who 'disappear' and find a little hope on the rocks in the middle of being lost.

It's a very deep release, especially after Toby's party anthem 'Red Solo Cup' and summer favorite, 'I Like Girls That Drink Beer'.

Go behind the scenes with Toby now in this video: