Who better to sing about takin' care of Texas than one of Texas Country's greatest artists? Kevin Fowler steps up to advocate for our great State of Texas!

Hats off to this guy! Nowadays,  you can be hard pressed to find a picture of other people enjoying the outdoors, but not in Kevin Fowler's case! This guy truly loves being outside and enjoying everything the outdoors have to offer. That's why he's the perfect fit for something like this!

Kevin Fowler is the new spokesman and performer of the TV and Radio Public Service Announcements for 'Take Care of Texas'. I find it very fitting to have a great Texan man stand up and advocate and lead by example for his fellow Texans to take care of our great state.

See the PSA below AND! - Go behind the scenes and hear more about how this all got put together. After you see it, you won't be able to disagree that there wasn't anybody better for this gig than Kevin! :)