Lyric videos mean one of two things. Either the artist is not making an actual music video for the song or it's going to be such an awesome music video that they put out a lyric video to pacify fans while they take more time to make it. Blake and I hope it's the later in this case!

Ladies, you can understand where I'm coming from! Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, AND Eric Church all together on the same screen in the same music video!?! It would be nothing short of amazing.

All three of these gentlemen have already earned a reputation for putting on great live shows, so a music video with all 3 together would have to be some sort of Country record.

Blake likes it when artists put out their own music video. The benefits of it being from the artist are that the sound quality is a hundred times better and there's always something more creative to watch than just words scrolling across the screen!

So enjoy another!