Sure, we all have done some pretty ridiculous things in the name of being young, but this girl takes the cake. Near decapitation is never one of those stories you should be proud of….

We’ve all heard it from our moms as we’re getting out of the car to walk into school: ‘Make good choices!’ and then we wave nonchalantly and walk away embarrassed. Well, maybe this girl should have listened to her mother before she got on the train ride of her life.

Another viral video is making its way to computer screens, smart phones, tablets, and televisions across the nation as everyone watches in shocking disbelief at this girls ….not so good choice.

I still can’t get it through my head as to what would possess ANYONE to stick their head out the window of a high speed train whilst ANOTHER HIGH SPEED TRAIN IS COMING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!

Thankfully, though, this poor girl narrowly escaped decapitation and lived to tell the tale.

It’s happens quick in the video, but boy are we glad it doesn’t end bloody!