Autumn officially begins September 22, and the Halloween fans in Lubbock couldn't be happier. It means we're once step closer to trick or treaters, dressing up in silly costumes and, of course, decorating and carving pumpkins.

Though there aren't many to choose from,  you can still find some great pumpkin patches here in the city of Lubbock. Yes, there will always be your Wal-Marts, United's and other grocery stores to shop at; there are some dedicated pumpkin patches here in the Hub City.

Every year the Cumberland Presbyterian Church on 77th and Indiana will do their version of a pumpkin patch. No, they don't grow the pumpkins there on site, but they truck in hundreds upon thousands of pumpkins to sell before Halloween. You can take the family out and pick out your favorite pumpkin and help out at the same time because proceeds are given to local charities. This year's pumpkin patch will open on September 29th.

Another great pumpkin patch belongs to Ritchey Farms. The Ritchey Farms Pumpkin Patch, located at 6000 34th street, offers up a large selection of pumpkins good for any occasion. You can purchase just about every single type of pumpkin known to man, including those great Jack-o'-lanterns, perfect for Halloween. Ritchey Farms will open the patch up on September 29th.

Remember to have a save and fun Halloween season and to get your pumpkin early. You won't want to be the only one without a fun carved pumpkin on your front porch!