Happy Friday the 13th, a day that use to have no meaning for me, but am now reconsidering.

Getting ready for work this morning, my coffee pot died, I went into the backyard and locked myself out of the house. Bad luck on Friday the 13th, not yet convinced.

But when I went to start my car, it's reply to me was..."BBBaaaaBaaaaBaaaaa".
So, this is my Friday the 13th?

I called a co-worker who gave me the name of a guy who fixes cars, I called and then waited, wishing that I had a hot cup of coffee in hand...not!

He never called, so I called another co-worker who gave me the name of another guy who fixes cars. "I think I need a battery, can you bring me one?", he said, "No, but we can tow you into the shop and see what's wrong."

Still waiting, he called my house saying he could not find it, address mix-up.

He finally arrived and was such a nice guy, he got me to the service station, where they
were all nice guys and finally, I am at work.

My thanks to my coworker who knew who to call to get my mobile again.
My thanks to the guys at Williams Brake, Tune & Tire, LLC for turning my day around.

It's still early in the day, but no matter what the day throws at me, I am grateful for the blue skies and the kind people of Lubbock.