Smoking is one of those "monkeys on your back" that are so hard to get rid of. Covenant Health System takes on that subject in a free seminar called "Smoking Cessation: How About Today?" Offered the last Friday in October. The guest speaker is Dr. Ray Smith, a family practitioner. He'll focus on how you can learn to quit smoking and the dangers of second hand smoke. He probably won't mention the fact that cigarettes are already between $5 and $6 a pack, but you smokers already know that. So, never mind. But if you want to change your life, the seminar will be held for one hour, from 9-10 a.m. October 28, at Knipling Education Conference Center. Smoking is thought to cause cancer and respiratory problems and second-hand smoke has been linked to asthma and other breathing problems. The one hour you'll spend in the seminar could be the most important hour of the rest of your life. The center is located on the sixth floor of west parking garage at 21st and Louisville.