Here are some folks we haven't heard from in a long time. The Dixie Chicks were on top of the music world. Then, while on tour in England in April of 2003,member Natalie Maines, from right here in Lubbock, speaking out against the war in Iraq, said they were ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas.


Well, that little comment prompted radio stations, because of public out cry, to stop playing the Dixie Chicks all together. They haven't released anything since 2006 when their album "Taking The Long Way" came out.

But on this day in 1999, the album "Fly" was released. It was their second album at the time and sold 9 million copies. The album would win a Grammy and six Top Ten hits came from the album.

One of the best to come off the "Fly" album is "Cowboy Take Me Away".
It's been eight years since "the comment", that's too long. Let's hear some "Chicks".