The guys were able to have a little fun with this one. Not only did they get to fly to a gorgeous island, but they did a little role reversal with the video. You’ll get a kick out of it!

Zac Brown Band signs on a new duo to their act! Introducing: Flody and Danny!!!

Not really, but it makes for a good laugh to watch it happen in the music video. If you didn’t know though, after you watch it, ‘Danny’ the percussionist, actually is ZBB’s utility percussionist Daniel De Los Reyes and is definitely a big inspiration to rhythm and feel of the song, ‘Jump Right In’.

In a previous video we featured, ‘Behind the Album: Jump Right In’, Zac talks about how he likes this song and how it feels ‘…Like a beautiful day at the beach’.

Well go along with them in their new music video! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy because Danny’s got the rhythm and ZBB has the human catapult covered! (yes. That DID say ‘human catapult’!)  ;)