You've heard the rumors and I think the signs are too obvious and in your face to ignore. Maybe rap/hip hop fans didn't recognize the song on the radio in the background at the end of Nelly's new music video, but you Country fans definitely will!! Only, it sounds remixed... bum bum bum!!!!


It's true. Nelly secretly wants to be a Country Star. You can tell he digs the Country jams by his own music. Listen to his new song 'Porsche' and you'll hear at the beginning a rapped up acoustic guitar riff. Had to be inspired by Country music.

Another thing is his collaboration with Tim McGraw a while back. Nelly digs the Country music.

So Florida Georgia Line is up next on the collaboration bill with Nelly. I've put Nelly's new music video up for you but nevermind the actual song. Skip to 3:25 where he's 'CRUISE' ing away with the girl and give the song he's playing on the radio in his car a listen to.

Recognize it?


Good luck finding the song on YouTube, though. The only video that was posted and had


the audio on it was muted due to copyright claims (uh oh.) Maybe this news wasn't supposed to get out just yet...but then again, Blake thinks we may have all just fallen victim to a BRILLIANT marketing strategy!

oh well.