On today's first hit Monday is a singer who many credit with pulling country out of urban cowboy crossover scene back to it traditional sound. Randy Travis would become a major force in country in the late 80's.


While in Nashville working a nightclub as a singer and cook, his manager Lib Hatcher pushed an album he recorded called "Randy Ray Live".

Finally Warner Bros. Records picked it up and had Randy change his name to Randy Travis.

His first release off the album was a song called "On The Other Hand". Although it didn't do that well on the charts it set the stage for what would come.

Radio like Travis and his next single off the album, "1982", in 1985 went to Number Six on the charts. Ironically "On The Other Hand" was re released in 1986 and went to Number One.

Travis would go on to release seven consecutive Number One songs, and he would score the CMA's Horizon Award as well as the CMA's Male Vocalist award in 1987 and 88.

But this is first hit Monday, and that first hit for Travis was "1982" and the rest as they say is history.