What an adventure and what an incredible time! The journey to get there was so worth the fun and everyone was so friendly and so dedicated to TTU. The passion to tailgate is an awesome thing. It was a great party and the weather was perfect.

The rivalry on game day was intense, all the way to the beer called Oklahoma Suks. I couldn't help but wonder if a beer with that name would taste good or bad. But after doing a brief survey, I found out it's pretty good stuff.

There was no parking, so it was a hike in, but there were a ton of things to see along the way. TTU is a beautiful campus. I had some time to appreciate the architecture and there things to see all over.

The gymnasts with cartwheels and back flips were wild to watch. Very impressive.

There was different music at every turn and a colorful fashion show of Texas Tech gear. Everyone had something different on; it was incredible. No wonder there are so many popular TTU outfitter retail outlets!

Red Raider Meats served up delicious sausage and meat. It was truly phenomenal. And Raider Red himself was there with guns up. He posed for lots of pictures and everyone was in the spirit.

What a tremendous ramp up for the football game. Tailgating is not to be missed, and there's nothing quite like the way Lubbock makes a tailgate happen.