Some of you may have seen over the weekend that I went to a friends house for a get together and brought a crock-pot full of meatballs soaked in a Fireball Cinnamon Whisky sauce.  They were delicious and I promised to share the recipe.

Now you have to understand that the group of friends that I hang out with are self-proclaimed Fireball Whisky Aficionados.  And it was one of those aficionado's birthday - so, I grabbed my computer and searched for recipes.

Landon King - Fireball Cupcakes

You can't have a birthday without having some sort of cake.  So let me introduce you to "Fireball Cupcakes"!  My only mistake with this cooking adventure is that I didn't make enough!  Silly me - I figured 16 LARGE Fireball cupcakes would suffice for 7 people.  Wrong.  I got the recipe from Delightful - Delicious - Delovely.  Basically all you do is buy a box of cake mix and prepare it as the instructions dictate - EXCEPT - replace the ingredient "water" with FIREBALL!  I also added a bit of Fireball in the frosting and topped with red-hot candies.

Selina Quintana

Now for the main dish - Fireball Meatballs!  I found a website called Tasty Kitchens and copied the recipe for "Holiday Bourbon Whiskey Meatballs" - EXCEPT - replaced the bourbon with FIREBALL!  I made 3 pounds of meatballs - they lasted maybe a couple of hours so I can confidently state that they were a hit, but most importantly - SO EASY TO MAKE!

Now in my search for Fireball food - I found a couple of other recipes that will most likely be tested this weekend!  Such as Fireball BBQ Chicken that I found on the actual Fireball Whisky website!  I also saw where you can buy a mason jar of cherries, drain the cherry juice, replace it with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and refrigerate for 2 weeks.  The add the "Fireball Cherries" to a fruit salad or just eat them out of the jar!  I won't lie though - it will be difficult leaving that in the refrigerator for TWO WEEKS!

So there ya have it - some Fireball Whisky recipes for food to try out.  I will continue my search to find other recipes and share them with you, but on a more important note - you should click here to learn how to safely cook with alcohol before you start slinging Fireball Whisky around just willy-nilly!  SAFETY FIRST PEOPLE!