It's always amazed me to see how one circumstance affects your life and we choose differently because of it. That's what happened to Brantley Gilbert. A car accident he had when he was 19 caused him to concentrate primarily on his music and here we are seven years later and Brantley's a rising star getting deserved attention in the business. The accident happened on a Sunday afternoon and Brantley tells this site a state trooper was behind him on a country road. The trooper wasn't trying to stop Brantley for any reason, he just happened to be there. It was fate. Brantley reached over to get a dip of Copenhagen and lost control, flipped his car end over end several times, hit a tree, but amazingly, he emerged, walked a few feet and fell. The trooper, who just 'happened' to be there, was there to call for help and the trooper's camera got it all on tape.

It was during the recovery from that horrific crash that Brantley realized his music was the most important part of his life. "It was a turning opportunity to make a difference." And does he hope to become a superstar? Not really, he tells the Birmingham News "Fame and money and all that--you hear people say it's a lot, but they don't mean a thing to me I just hope my songs mean enough to people. And I feel like you have to live to learn". I think what happened to Brantley Gilbert during that drive was supposed to happen so we could enjoy his unique songwriting ability and singing talents. He'll be in Lubbock next Thursday, Dec 1st, on the Taste of Country Christmas Tour,  at Wild West. Get your tickets and don't miss it. I've got money down that he'll sing this.