There are way too many bad things on the news these days for us to take ourselves too seriously, also. Have you noticed? Every day the news only reports more and more negative stories because it's 'news'. Well, this video is proof that we all could lighten up a bit!

This video makes me think about our own local news broadcasts and I now feel like our local teams should be more 'home-bound'. What's going on in the community? Come out with everything and stay involved. Pick or find great local stories to share to help the community be more about the community. Tell stories about themselves... THAT would make great news broadcasts.

Local news has an advantage on National News in that they play to smaller audiences that THEY RELATE TO DIRECTLY! So why should they spend all of their time being way too serious about stories that we're gonna hear again on the nightly news?

I wanna see our local peeps be more local and enjoy what they do. =)

Yes, ALL of that nice little soap box rant was set off by this hilarious video! If you've never seen Anchor Man then the joke might not be as obvious right up front, but a co-worker changes the script for the teleprompter for a story that a fill-in anchor is covering.

Wouldn't it be nice to know your local people are people, too? watch the video and you'll understand where I'm coming from. Granted, I did probably make a much bigger deal out of this than the video is worth, but I really do think it's funny and I need to blog so this is what you get!   Comment after and let me know if you'd think it would be funny to see this on our TV's here in Lubbock!

Let the laughing begin: