This is awesome. I love my job! Not only do we get to hang out on-air with you awesome guys all day, but occasionally we get some super stars in the studio, too, and even more rare than that! We get serenaded, and I mean SERENADED, in studio! Yes the mics were on- so you can listen, too!

Your West Texas Outlaws of Lubbock are a hard working, dedicated group of guys who play the game just as hard as the pros, but it's more fun to watch these guys play because you know they all have a TRUE LOVE of the game.

Every game benefits somebody or honors somebody other than themselves and the action of the game is nonstop! It's a great family thing to go out and do together. They're great role models and are selfish superstars, they're just awesome!

So gettin' back to the meat and potatoes- Today we were visited by the guys again and discovered one of our West TX Outlaws has a talent other than playing Football! Henry 'The Voice' Cruz unleashed his singing talents on us all and it was so much fun to witness and completely unexpected!

Like I said above, I love my job! We get to hang out with cool people like this and call it "work"! So click below to listen to this exclusive serenade COMPLETELY UNEDITED !

I'm gonna be honest I have no clue what song he's singing, but we'll see if next week when they're in studio talkin' about play-offs if we can't get someone to sing us some Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan or something! Ha ha