Love and Theft guitarist/singer Eric Gunderson says he's a bit of a prankster. According to Country Aircheck he's not particular about who is the brunt of the jokes. "I mess with everybody. Our old guitar player had been joking around with me for days. So, while he was asleep in his bunk, I punched his stomach as hard as I could through the closed curtain. I knocked the wind out of him...(ouch)He plays with Scotty McCreery now, so he hasn't had a chance to get back at me yet." That was probably pretty fun, even though pretty cruel. Other country stars are known for their practical jokes. In fact Scotty McCreery who's touring with Brad Paisley, says he's on the watch for super prankster Brad known for his uniqueness in practical joking. Scotty tells this one site "I've got a couple in my back pocket". Love and Theft's Gunderson should take note that if the guitarist he surprising punched is touring with Scotty, he just might be learning some new tricks of his own. What can I say, Eric? Better watch your back! Here's a great song, one of their earlier ones, from Love and Theft.