Growing up we celebrated Christmas in the country with my grandparents and these are some of my best childhood memories. These memories have of course, inspired my Christmas spirit ever since and so I'm excited to share these, with you, my Lonestar family.

I'm sure you have Christmas stories to share and I would love to hear how you've built your Christmas traditions and shared the holiday with family and friends through the years.

Here are some pieces of the wonderful memories I have of my childhood Christmas', I hope that you will enjoy this little Christmas story.

Once upon a time when I was a child, most every year, on the night before Christmas with my Grandparents in Pennsylvania... my Mom, Dad, brother Randy and I, together with Grandma and Grandpa, attended the candle lighting service at church, where a living nativity was dramatized.

Then a really big group of us kids, would pile onto a bus or in car pools and visit many of the church members to sing carols and enjoy wonderful holiday treats. So many families would invite us in, and feed us, and greet us with great holiday cheer as we caroled.

My Grandparents always had a big spread of food and their home was saved as the last stop. Everyone enjoyed big plates of food and Christmas caroling filled the house. (Helping Grandma to prepare all the food for that is a good memory and was always a lot of fun).

In the morning my brother and I would, of course, be anxious to get downstairs to see what Santa had brought. But on Christmas morning the stairs were blocked by a little wood chest so that we couldn't peek, and so we would be sure to wait for everyone before going downstairs. (When my grandparents passed away that was the one piece of furniture I wanted most. It still reminds me of those wonderful Christmas mornings).

After opening presents, and having a good home cooked breakfast, we would get all dressed up in our Sunday best, and head over to Uncle Lin's on the farm, where, at least fifty family members gathered, from all over the country for Christmas dinner. The table was enormous, it filled the entire room. The centerpiece was always tremendous as well

Uncle Lin was at the head of the table and would say 'Grace' before he would begin to carve the turkey. Then it would be a busy time of passing plates and serving. We would joke that it took at least 15 minutes passing serving dishes around the table before we could eat.

Christmas night we would often drive around to look at Christmas lights as we headed back to my Grandparent's house after Christmas dinner.

I feel so blessed to have these wonderful childhood Christmas memories and am glad for the opportunity to share them with you. I look forward to making more cherished memories here in Lubbock.

Please share with me some of your favorite holiday memories and traditions?!