A mexican food restaurant in Thibodaux, Louisiana, La Palma, has a contest going that anyone who eats the Burrito La Palma in their contest will get a trophy and a hundred dollars! The catch is that the burrito weighs five pounds! And the eating feat has been accomplished successfully by Jerry Shepherd competing against two others at the burrito match. La Palma's latest Burrito King not only downed it all but in record time, but also managed to gobble it down in eighteen minutes!


Shepherd told the Daily Comet newspaper that  he's eaten the burrito before in a more casual setting. "Last time, we didn't have a crowd looking at us, and we weren't trying to beat anyone else. There was really no pressure to eat the whole thing like there is this time."

The monster meal is a tortilla stuffed with beef or chicken, cheese, beans, rice and tomatoes. In the two years they've held the trials, 350 have tried, and only 13 eaters have completed the task.