Casey James is coming to Lubbock for your Taste of Country Christmas Tour in December!! After doing some web surfing, I couldn't help but click on a few covers. To my dismay, they DO NOT do poor Casey ANY justice at all.

Your Texas boys, Casey James and JB & the Moonshine are coming to celebrate Christmas in the country fashion in December for your Taste of Country Christmas Tour!

I was looking up some new videos to share with you guys of Casey James, but instead I ended up getting caught by a few covers that are, below par.

I think what hurts the most about these covers is that they don't even put in the effort to make their own music. Just because you have a mic and a CD player DOES NOT mean you should be recording and posting bad covers for the world to endure.

This is kinda painful to see, but I thought someone would get a kick out of it!