Even a polished entertainer such as Dolly Parton has those brain lapses on stage. She says she's flubbed lyrics during her live shows and tells "The Boot", "You can't write and sing as many songs as I have throughout the years and not forget what you're doing, even though you sing them over and over and over...that's where the teleprompter sure does come in handy."

And how does she cope with herself when she does mess up? She says her fans are forgiving, "Sometimes I just stop the show and say, 'Well, I screwed that part up pretty good. Let's start again'".

What she said next really impressed me about her frankness. "I don't worry about it. I'm not a perfectionist. I'm professional, but not a perfectionist. Not everything has to be perfect. What is perfect, anyway?" It is so refreshing that this great entertainer has such a humble view of herself. I think Dolly's pretty terrific as do most of her fans. Here's a fun video of one of my favorite Dolly tunes.