Have you ever tried to get food away from a dog. Sometimes the dog will let you. Other times, you could lose your hand. Some dogs are very protective of their food.

I have two dogs and both are protective of their food. Not from me but from each other. My one dog, Sasha, will not let the other dog, Heidi, near her food. Before Heidi came along, Sasha wasn't much of an eater.

Now when Heidi gets close to Sasha's food, Sasha will eat all of it so Heidi can't have any. Heidi, on the other hand, will have her food in her kennel. When Sasha gets near Heidi's kennel, which we call Heidi's house, Heidi will give a couple of warning barks. Sasha will stay away. Other than that they get along fine.

But , check out this video of a dog making sure a duck doesn't help itself to dinner.