Jason Aldean is not only one of my favorite entertainers because of his songs, but because I have the deepest respect for dog lovers. He is that! His two year old dog, Athens, is a bulldog that comes from one of the sons of Uga V, the Georgia football mascot. Jason tells People magazine that as Athens matured from the pup he brought home, he realized it was pretty obvious she from that famous lineage. "I had a Georgia helmet on the floor and she went right up to it. She's a natural-born fan. She has the jersey she has on now it's a new one because she wore the other one out." Jason added he had to work to get a dog of that caliber. "I wanted the same bloodline as the actual mascot. So I went on an extensive search of Google and happened to find a breeder who had one of the sons of Uga V." Wonder if he ever sings to Athens? I'm sure she'd appreciate this one. Check it out.