I'm sure my dog is smiling when I see those dimples appear as she stretches her mouth to pant with that "I'm so happy you're home" look.  But experts say what we interpret as a smile is better labeled as submissive behavior.  Alex Lieber on Petplace.com says what looks like a smile may occur when you scratch your dog's belly and the dog associates the good belly rub with the facial expression.  But the smile on my animal's face comes before the belly rub.  It appears when she sees me coming in the door after work.  Mr. Lieber cautions that in some wild dogs or wolves a smile indicates nervousnessness and he adds that when a dog's teeth are bared he's attempting to show his fangs, giving a signal to an encroacher.....which is not a happy thing.

A quick poll around the office shows most.....fifteen of us believe that dogs actually do smile, while two grumpy people say "no way".    What do you think?