Ever wonder what percentage of us make serious resolutions and how many of us succeed? Even before I looked up the statistics (8% succeed) my rebel spirit has avoided making New Year's resolutions.It seems you are almost doomed if you set yourself up this way.

On one hand making new decisions about losing weight, the number one resolution made, according to my research, makes sense, after the holidays. After all the holiday food and activities that have taken many of us off our regular routines, we need to play catch up and get back on track.

I thought this might be a good time to share some of my thoughts on all of this. See if any of these ideas makes sense to you?!

I have found that if I make a decision to do something or change something that I don't take immediate action on, it's almost doomed from the start.

This year, all of the holiday activities have made that trip to the gym far less do-able for me. My strategy is to start back to the gym before New Year's though. Don't wait! Even if it's just a few minutes of Yoga or a walk, or taking the stairs... some kind of action that starts to get me in action, avoids the pressure of the big resolution.

I've had to re-start my work-out resolution many times throughout the year. When I fall off the routine, I try to get back as soon as possible. Giving up completely is not an option. It's not all or nothing. It's an on-going life style. It's a resolution to make every month, every week, every day for me.

One other thing worth mentioning, I found, procrastination can be your friend when trying to quit something. Don't make a huge promise... just promise, one day or one hour or one craving at a time ... just procrastinate. 'Sure, I'll get to it later' can be your friend, until all at once you realize, you never got around to it all day, all week, all month. And when it comes to those habits you're trying to quit, that'll work, and it has worked.

So I guess, all that said, I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions, I believe in daily, or even minute by minute resolutions. Let me know what you think!

Happy New Year!