Krista, a rep from Oohla Latte showed up with a complimentary latte for Rick,  but did I mention she was wearing the cutest little black bikini?  In the interview she told us that's how the staff dresses there with the exception of Fridays when they costume-up.  Now, folks, you gotta admit, THAT'S  a gimmick.

Considering the nature of the morning show, you never know who, or what will show up. From rodeo clowns and miniature penguins, to Reba, to a bikini-clad latte server, anyone can show up.  Because of Rick's lack of focus (he didn't turn my mic on at first) the latter has got to be one of the more memorable ones; however Elvis, or rather the tribute artist Kraig Parker is a close goose-plimply second.  Oohla Latte, by the way, if you are thirsting for a unique coffee experience,  is located at 29th and Slide in Lubbock.