Whenever you first listen to the song, it feels lighter than the video portrays. Dierks Bentley shows a pretty heavy story that many can relate to in his new music video for 'Tip It On Back'.

The '5-1-5-0' anthem singer has painted deeper colors with the story he tells in his new music video for 'Tip It On Back'.


Behind the scenes of deciding WHERE to shoot the video, turns out the venue is a place very special to him. In an interview with theboot.com, Dierks tells about why the Georgia venue was the place of his choice:

"When it came time to make this video, we knew we wanted to shoot it somewhere kind of college-y and really just Athens, and knowing that place was back open again, I wanted to shoot it there. The Georgia Theater's one of my favorite venues," he continues. "I played there three times before I sold it out, and my brother went to school down there. I've always loved that theater, and there's certain clubs along the way that when you sell them out, it's a big deal. Selling out the Georgia Theatre is a milestone for any country singer."

In the video, like the song says: "...miles of 'FOR SALE' signs..." a young farmer hammers a 'for sale' sign in the front yard of his family's farm. They turn it to fit the song by the farmer taking his wife out to a concert and they tip it on back to try to forget about their worries.

I call it a bitter-sweet video because in the end, even though it's going to be hard, the beer is not the only thing that young farmer tips back. Watch the end of the video to see what I mean.

Dierks and this video do a better job at conveying the emotions of the story so check it out here: