1. I have had my ears pierced only once.
2. I hate beets.
3. I played shortstop on my Little League softball team.
4. I don’t know how to make gravy.
5. I used to collect bells — now it’s salt and pepper shakers.
6. I have more than one tattoo.
7. I have been bitten by a dog.
8. I like rainy days in winter.
9. In sixth grade, I was voted most likely to be a country singer.
10. My family is Irish and Indian.
11. I want Carrie Underwood’s legs!
12. I’m learning to barrel race.
13. I don’t like spicy food.
14. I played Annie Oakley in a high school play.
15. I have a birthmark on my leg.
16. I once had a conversation, a real one, with my mean cat about her attitude. Didn’t work.
17. I don’t like my profile.
18. I love the band Audioslave.
19. I don’t like swimming in the ocean, only looking at it.
20. Snakes freak me out.
21. I have never broken a bone.
22. I get motion sickness if I do anything besides look out the front window while moving.
23. I’m named after my great grandma Lucy Miranda.
24. I don’t know how to play poker.
25. Don’t talk to me before I have coffee. Period.