The Devil's Sinkhole. Just the name sends shivers down your spine. And to think it's less than a five-hour drive south of Lubbock.

It has an ancient past that has left a trail of evidence, but only the bravest dare to explore.

Nowadays, you need to make special arrangements with the society guarding the sinkhole if you want to have a look.

According to the evidence shared at, this cavern located in Rocksprings, Texas was once considered sacred land to Native Americans and a burial site as well as a pathway to their underworld.

In the old west, it's said that cowboys and cavers found the sinkhole. There are names etched into the limestone.

The Devil's Sinkhole is a registered National Natural Landmark now, and has been for the past 33 years. It's 400 feet deep with an opening that measures 40 x 60.

Today it's home in the summer to millions of bats. Tours can be arranged with the Devil's Sinkhole Society.


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