When you say Dick Clark, the dance show American Bandstand immediately comes to mind. Through that show he brought us all the top names in rock and roll and pop music. But he also was involved on the country side of things as well.


Growing up I almost never missed American Bandstand when it was on in the afternoon. You would look for your favorite dancers, check out what everyone was wearing and learn the newest dance moves.

It didn't matter what type of music you were a fan of, we all were touch by Dick Clark in some way or another.

Clark had that great gift of communication. When you watch the show, it was like he was talking right to you. Not only could he communicate with young people, he had that ability to crossover and relate to the parents.

Dick Clark was involved in several show besides Bandstand. He had game shows like $25,000 Pyramid, plus the show "T.V.'s Bloopers and Practical Jokes".

His production company produced many awards shows including the "Academy of Country Music Awards" show.

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