Sneaky relatives! This is one of the most wonderful surprises to witness EVER! I can’t even imagine what it was like to be the girl!

Monica Acebedo was recently one of the many Texas Tech graduates to walk the stage, but little did she know the day was going to be an even bigger day than she could have expected!

The woman on the microphone at the beginning of the video is Peggy Flores, the Commencement Coordinator, and yes! She is in on the secret of what’s about to happen to Monica.

Staff Sargent Isaac De La Fuente is in the Air Force and has been deployed in South Korea at Osan Air Force Base for the past 15months! His cousin, Monica, and he grew up together and are as close as brother and sister.

So you can imagine her dismay when he told her that he would not be back in time to see her graduate and also you can see the surprise and shock she experiences when he comes walking in anyways!

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Thank you Isaac for your service and congratulations Monica!!!!