The victims of the 'Batman Massacre' never got to see the midnight premiere of 'Dark Knight Rises', but they did get to see Christian Bale when he showed up unannounced to visit and pay his respects.

It's easy to see that the response of this event is great. The State Victims Fund has raised over 2 million dollars, so far, and Colorado has also since seen a %43 spike in gun sales after the shooting incident.

The aftershock of an event like this is heartbreaking. Everyday in the news, you can read more and more tragic stories as the victims and their families come forward, but with the bad also comes good news.

'Dark Knight Rises' star, Christian Bale, showed up in Aurora unannounced to visit victims, their families, and to pay his respects to those who lost their lives.

It's really awesome to hear something like this and to know that he genuinely is hurting with them and cares about the victims because he showed up ON HIS OWN. No head's up to TV stations and he never scheduled an official press release or anything. The only reason why this story of his visit even got out is because of the posted and shared images captured on cell phones that were taken by the very people he went to visit.

The Today Show covered the same story today and expand on it further. You can watch a clip of their story below:

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