No kidding. All these years as Hootie and now one of our favorite Country singers.... the guitar has been for show!? Well, mainly. Get the full story inside.

Darius was on the Dan Patrick show back in January to perform song for his current album and to chat. On a funny note, Dan Brings up a story about talk his band mates from the Hootie and the Blowfish days:

".....(while laughing) OH YEA I'm failing, trust me. You'll see me play one song and it's the medley."

I love an artist that can laugh at himself and to Darius we would like to say this: You play MUUUUCH better than Blake does!!! Seriously, though. If he can play enough to fake it all these year, I bet he's a lot better player than he gives himself credit for!

Either way- WE LOVE YOU DARIUS!!! Keep diggin' life!

Check out the entire interview below: