This Valentine's week Darius Rucker was thinking of that special person in his life he loves and he credits his wife Beth with bringing him to the great place he is in his life right now. He has a family and a career in country music. And of Beth he tells this site, "I don't know what it was about her. I mean, it was EVERYTHING about her. I knew, I told her I was going to marry her on our first date. It takes a strong woman to be married to a musician...and I think life for us is about where we are now. It took a long time for us to get to where we are now, and we say to each other all the time, 'I love us. I love our family. I love us'...You know, her and country music saved my life."


Darius and Beth have two children, a boy and a girl, together; and Darius has a daughter from a former girlfriend. This terrific song was inspired by his marriage to his wife Beth.