The Cowboys and The Giants are about to kick-off! Football is finally back in the swing of things!

With many of my favorite Cowboys recently in the headlines due to injuries, a long list that includes: Jason Witten, Myles Austin, Dez Bryant, and DeMarco Murray I was a little worried about how the season opener against the Giants was going to turn out. Thankfully, though, the boys are back and starting tonight! In playing this season opener, they get a chance to start against the defending Super Bowl Champs.

There's been plenty of skepticism about the Cowboys' ability to get things going this year, but with the changes to their defensive side adding Brandon Carr and Morris Clayborne to the lineup, I think this will help add an edge to their game, which was suspect in the past. Rob Ryan's defensive scheme is more understood now by the defense, as a whole, which will help the Cowboys attempt to shut down the Giants tonight.

On the other side of the ball, they have an actual Offensive Coordinator, now. Bill Callahan is calling the offensive plays letting Jason Garrett truly get back to being the head coach.

My expectations of this game is that The Giants, like they do to every other team, will put a lot of pressure on Romo. Look for the Giants to take advantage of Witten's previous injured condition as his entrance to the field was a game-time decision. Also, watch for Dez to get plenty of double coverage tonight, which will hopefully get Myles and Witten some opens plays.

Granted, this is only Game 1, but this will set the bar on the season in terms of the caliber of other teams the Cowboys will also being playing this season.  As of now, it's anybody's game....

Let's go Cowboys!!