When he's on the road, Craig Morgan likes to hunt and then make his own jerky from his accomplishments. In deer season while touring with Carrie Underwood he did a little turkey hunting one day, followed by some turkey jerky. Craig tells Nashville Kat that Carrie's vegan ways took over, "She doesn't eat meat, but everyone else loved it."Morgan also makes teriyaki deer jerky.

Since we are right smack in the middle of cattle country, jerky is pretty prevalent here. And in my meat-loving days, I've eaten my share. It's pricey and I'm guessing it costs time and money to cure. On WikiHow.com seven steps to making jerky are listed:
(1) Select a cut of meat
(2) Remove all noticeable fat
(3) Marinate in solution of olive oil, vinegar and sea salt
(4) Coat the meat in seasonings of your choice
(5) Dehydrate the meat
(6) Wait and watch for consistency
(7) Place jerky in plastic bags and store in fridge or freezer
I suggest going to the website for more details before attempting to make it on your own. But it might be successful and you could start your own business. Hopefully Craig Morgan will make singing his priority and this just a fun hobby. Here's one of my favorite Craig Morgan songs.