Last night was the end of the fourth day of the Olympics and it ended with quite a controversy that bumped Great Britain, Ukraine, and the United States down in the standings.

I have been extremely excited about the Olympics this year because you just never know what's going to happen and last night was proof of that!

Day four of the Olympics was the Men's Gymnastics Team Finals and after a stunning performance in the qualifying trials, Team USA was favored for Gold, but couldn't pull it off in the end. Mistake after mistake cost them their chance for any medal at all.

The real controversy, though, was after the medal standings were posted.

Great Britain came from behind and ended the night with spotless performances to launch them into the Silver Medal spot. This is the first time the Great Britain Men's Gymnastics team has won a medal in over 100 years! They were celebrating as if it was a Gold medal and then had it taken away.

During the last floor routine from Great Britain, as the crowd roared for Kristian Thomas' amazing performance on the floor, Japan's front runner, Kohei Uchimura, slipped up on the pommel horse and didn't even seem to have properly dismounted. A costly mistake that took Japan from 2nd to 4th place.

After the score announcement, Japan was quick to submit an official inquiry questioning the judges decision on Uchimura's dismount. If the judges changed their decision in favor of Japan, crowds expected Ukraine to lose their medal position. No one thought that both the Ukraine and Great Britain would get bumped down, though.

After deliberation, the judges ruled in favor of Japan and seven tenths of a point was added to their team score, moving Japan into second, Great Britain into third, and Ukraine into fourth. China undoubtedly held onto their Gold medal position.

It's crazy that SEVEN-TENTHS of a point can make the difference between placing with a medal and not placing at all, but that's just part of all of the excitement of the Olympics!

Click the link below to watch the final minutes of the Men's Gymnastic's Team Finals and the judges' decision!