Well the reactions to Colt Ford's new song with Jake Owen, 'Back', have been extremely polarized. People either love or hate it. Makes me wonder where YOU stand on his music.....

Colt Ford isn't a new artist. Believe it or not he has four studio albums and 8 radio singles. (If you think about it, that's more than Hunter Hayes!) He's even worked with other Country artists like John Michael Montgomery, Jamey Johnson, Craig Morgan, and, of course Jake Owen.

But the thing that has me wondering right now is his newest song, 'Back'.

I've had folks call and tell me they love it and hate it. I've even received E-MAILS from a gentleman who hates it and one from a woman who really enjoys the story in it.

I personally enjoy the story, too. That's always been my favorite part about the Country genre, but what do you think?