I've heard that actors and baseball players are the most superstitious people around. Actor Colin Farrell proves that point. He has a lucky belt which was a gift from his father. "The Sun" reported recently that Colin was so fond of the belt, he spent nearly $5,000 repairing it over the years. And it was reportedly stolen a few weeks ago. He's offering a $25,000 reward for the return of the item.

Do you have something that you can't live without? Maybe it's clothing? I dabble in acting and I must confess I wear the same pair of panties..my "lucky panties" ...(washed each time of course) for all my performances. Was that out loud? Sorry if I've offended. But I'll bet new underwear that there are some of you who do have a lucky something or other....socks....shirt...what? By the way, Colin Farrell is currently working on a sci-fi film, "Total Recall".