Since his dine and ditch on our Texas Tech Red Raiders to be with Cincinnati, many have wished him ill-will in his career. Turns out wishin' might've done the trick or Tuberville's just finally showing his true colors. Either way, it's left Cincinnati without a star recruitment quarter back.

Tubbs is staking his take for the first time in the Midwest and apparently hasn't impressed too many people.

Little bit of background:

For years, Massillion High School, one of the state's TOP High School Football programs and schools, and Cincinnati have been on excellent terms. However, recently, beloved Coach Butch Jones had to shuffle off to Tennessee with the new hire of former Red Raider Coach Tuberville.


Star high school quarterback, Kyle Kempt, was committed to Cincinnati before this fiasco and has now been left high and dry.

There are two situations speculated to have take place.

Either Kempt de-committed


Coach Tuberville pulled the offer.

In a few choice words from Kempt's High School Football Coach Jason Hall, it seems the later might be the case....

“It was an ugly situation,” Hall said. “I think they thought he was going to go to Tennessee with Butch Jones and they offered another quarterback. But that wasn’t the case. Cincinnati will not be allowed back in Massillon on our campus as long as Jason Hall is in Massillon.”

Tuberville has successfully dumped an entire team and turned his back on them before a Bowl Game to run off to another town only to begin his time there ruining previously long-standing relationships and getting off on the wrong foot.

Way to go Tubbs.