Threepeat for Coach Blake and a BIG TEXAS SIZED Congratulations to Danielle Bradbery, who won Season 4 of 'The Voice'!

Whoo-hoo! Blake Shelton is DOMINATING 'The Voice' picking 3 out of the last 4 seasons winners.

Last night (06/18), Team Blake member Danielle Bradbery won the title in an emotional finale that came down to her and Team Usher member, Michelle Chamuel.

With Danielle's win, it makes her not only Blake's third winner, but she is now the youngest winner in 'The Voice' history being only 16 years old!

It was a tough battle all season long and Usher fought hard to get his team up to the top. Even if you've ever only seen one episode, it's enough to know that Usher isn't going to give up on Michelle. He's a loyal believer and odds are he'll still take care of his girl.

Big night for The Voice! Already can't wait for next season!