Today my daughter's elementary school did their annual Christmas Lunch at school.  The children invite their parents to eat a turkey lunch with them during their lunchtime.

So just like every year - I went to the school and paid my $3 for the turkey lunch.

Amy Lee's Christmas Lunch

Oh I could have done what most other parents did (and what I have done in the past) and stopped by a fast food joint to pick up lunch for us both.  But I didn't - and here's why.

Every day I send my daughter to school with her lunch money and I know that she will be eating whatever it is that the cafeteria is serving (she's not big on taking a lunch to school with her).  If I am going to allow my daughter to eat at the school - then why wouldn't I?  Now I'm not gonna lie - that picture above does not look like a delicious lunch - but if it's good enough for Bri - it's good enough for me.  And I can promise you the kids today have better options than I did when I was in school!

Now here is the surprising part - aside from appearances - the turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and fruit that you see above was NOT THAT BAD!  Actually - it was pretty good.  Needed a little salt, but still good.  Better than some of the restaurants I've been to!

Of course, I'm fairly certain that what made my lunch great today was my "lunch date" - it didn't matter what we were eating!