So, the big news is not that the Packers won, but Christina Aguilera flubbed a line in singing the "Star Spangled Banner".   We are all, myself included, so quick to criticize.  But, why didn't she just have a cheat sheet, or at least done some faddish temp tattoo of the lyrics on her arm?  I mean, I would have!  But then again, after apologizing, she reveals she's sung the song an untold number of times since she was seven years old!  So, maybe the problem is that she took  for granted her brain would remember all the words.  My best advice to her, and I mean this from my heart is NEVER, EVER, TAKE YOUR BRAIN FOR GRANTED.  I sure don't.  I can empathize having spaced out lines on stage.  At least it wasn't Shakespeare!  That's where it's really noticeable, and also, Christina,  during the singing of the National Anthem.  But hey, gal, you covered...or at least you didn't stop and say, "Oh gosh,  I can't believe I messed up in front of the whole world!"  And that's what your brain was thinking.  Life goes on.  And, when you look at all perspectives, remember the campaign words of President Obama, "I've now been in fifty-seven states".  And look where he is today!