Legendary song stories fascinate me....like the guitar riff in "I Can't Get No Satisfaction", came to Keith Richards in a dream, bringing instant fame to the song.  But I just found out one of the most requested country  songs, "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown Band, became a number one hit in 2008, almost  ten years after the first writing and five years after the initial recording in 2003.   Zac Brown had

actually used the song in his bar gigs and after meeting Wyatt Durette, the two artists started adding things that are traditionally Southern.   After Nine Eleven, the patriotic third verse was added ("I thank God for my life/For the stars and stripes").  Finally, in mid-2008, it was the re-recording of the tune on their fourth album, "The Foundation" which was the first single released, that became the number one country hit...you know, the one we all sing-along with?   It took a while, but worth it....and bringing satisfaction for the Zac Brown Band and us.